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Let me tell you what we are about,

what we are regarding,

what we are concerning,

and why we're relevant to you.  

It all started with a bicycle - an innocent vehicle you're familiar with.  I was not listening to my inner voice of caution there at Highland Mountain.  I was listening to the thrill in my gut.  I rode toward the wall, rose, flew over the significant gap...and overshot.  Once the handlebars were embedded in my chest and my broken ribs were firmly planted in my collapsed lung, I began my painful journey into Hot Johnnyland.  I went from having my head in an oversized helmet to finding my body in an oversized johnny.  Unfortunately, it was not a Hot Johnny.  I spent days in the hospital hooked to drainage tubes, unable to shower the dust of the mountain from my body.  My behind, not covered by my hospital gown, stuck to the plastic mattress through the sheets.   I was being held captive by my johnny.  


My nurse was hot - but I was not.  I could not walk down to the solarium without getting arrested for lewd and indecent exposure.  I could not walk to the nurses' station without getting snickered at.  I could not walk to the loo without my roommate laughing.  I did exactly what my father would have done.  I thought of ways I could make them laugh.  Then we'd be laughing together.  Shock value has always appealed to me.  My mind went the way of the custom johnny.  For the partygoer: (Johnny) "Walker."  For the bored nurse: "I'd get up but my backside is exposed."  At some point, you have been - or will be - a patient wearing a johnny.  You will not be able to wear your Armani suit, carry your Coach purse, or spritz on some Burberry or Viva La Juicy.  You will not be able to have a close shave or wear your Polo shirt.  Heck - you may not even be able to wear your Calvin Klein boxer briefs. You can only be certain of your johnny.  

Make it a stunner.  

You'll have more fun.  

But be careful of that incision...it only hurts when you laugh.



Let's face it, there are a lot of things that suck. Disease, accidents, childbirth, death. Interestingly enough, all of these things at some point integrate seamlessly with the worst piece of clothing ever invented; the Hospital Gown or Johnny.

We have a basic belief. To help people smile in hospitals. We are going to accomplish this mission with humor and charity. 10% of all proceeds go to an affiliated non-profit. We will also have multiple lines which will donate 100% of profits to the affiliated NPO.

Please contact us with stories of your patients or nurses. This world needs more laughter.